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Deron Washington and his wife Tina Washington, founders of Bunchy's Chicken & Biscuits restaurants, opened the first Bunchy's restaurant on December 10, 1998. The concept began as an idea in 1993 when Deron was inspired to develop a fast food restaurant specializing in delicious fried chicken with a universal theme that could be easily duplicated in cities across the country. While juggling their own business ventures the enterprising couple carved out enough time in their hectic schedules to develop their concept. As the days grew into months and then into years Deron decided that it was time to implement all of their planning and organizing. But first a critical component was still needed. The name! While driving one day, the couple was consumed with deciding on a name for the concept they had worked so hard on. This name had be energetic and upbeat with an endearing quality. Tina suggested going through the family's nicknames and when she mentioned one of the Deron's nephews Bunchy, Deron immediately responded with "Pay a little for a Bunch" and "Munch on a Bunch" (tag-lines used today). Instantly, Bunchy's Chicken was born! The first location was in Southfield, Michigan's Northland Mall. Opening their inaugural store was a daunting task. First, there were endless meetings and presentations to raise capital and then there were supplies and leasing costs that had to be negotiated. The process was draining to say the least, but Deron was determined. When construction cost looked prohibitive he dimply rolled up his sleeves and did the work himself. When prospective investors said no, he put in more sweat equity! Armed with a strong concept, a strong back, and even stronger belief, one year and six months later, Deron hung out the "Open for Business" sign on the first Bunchy's Chicken & Biscuits restaurant! Thank You!

Bunchy's Chicken and Pizza

34527 Grand River Ave, Farmington, MI 48335

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